Tēnā koe and welcome to our official website

With the many great footsteps we have followed, and the path imprinted in our minds by those who 

came before us and those who come after us we now present the journey of WAI.

WAI is the Māori word for Water and is also Mina's birth name.

1999 saw partners in life and music Mina Ripia and Maaka Phat form 

the Porirua based Māori Electronica Roots band WAI.

Tragic personal events led to the creation of WAI.

WAI 100% (2000) created for the memory of Mina's pāpā Ture Tangata. 

WAI ORA (2010) inspired by the birth of Mina and Maaka's son Uta Te Whanga.

WAI is a startlingly original combination of the ancient and the modern. 

WAI weave the Māori language with it's natural percussive flow and Poi percussion with synths and drums 

creating a sound as soulful and funky as any music, while sounding not remotely like anything heard before.

WAI perform entirely in the Māori language and utilize a Māori style of presenting their music 

not only in the structure and fusion but also in the delivery of their live show.

WAI is internationally known for their electronica music, 

fortunately for us as they travelled the world they created their minimalist but very powerful acoustic set.

FEATURED TRACK: Ko te rerenga - live Acoustic 

Ko te rerenga - Live Acoustic.mp3

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